The Medical Advantages of Salt Therapy

Salt vulnerability as a curative therapy. You can view more additional information at It was discovered when the patient able to functioned in saltwater and had no lung or respiratory problems than other miners.  As soon as other doctors began to observe the same, salt caves started popping up around Europe to treat lung disorders such as pneumonia. Some argue the treatment may improve snoring, seasonal allergies, arthritis, and even melancholy. However, there hasn’t been any peer-reviewed studying to support the majority of these claims.

Heals Respiratory Ailments

check upHalotherapy might be a relaxing spa treatment. However, there is very little evidence about how well it functions,” Sonpal states. “Most physicians remain doubtful, for example, myself. The effect which [salt caves have] on stress and depression is regarded as a placebo effect.” But that is not to say there is no promising study on its effectiveness.

The scientific community is not entirely sure why salt treatment purportedly will help enhance lung ailments, states Dr. Payel Gupta, a spokesperson for the American Lung Association. “There are plenty of theories on this treatment may be useful, which may be that the salt particles are killing germs off from the lungs, or that the salt is diminishing inflammation and decreasing mucus,” she states. “We do understand that salt has anti-inflammatory properties and we’ve found this in patients that do sinus saltwater rinses using a sterile salt alternative; there are anti-inflammatory advantages.”

Boosts Mental Health

mental healthIt is instantly clear for me salt caves are said to relieve depression and anxiety: Spending an hour in a warm, dimly lit room with the delicate sounds of ocean waves piled throughout the walls feels fantastic. About a day after the semester, I discovered that though my head was plugged up, I had been coughing more.

My coughs were more phlegmy and useful but it is still unclear if it was the salt that did the trick. Participants are requested to drink a lot of water before, during, and after the session, even as they assert that the salt has a marginally dehydrating effect, so there is no way to tell if salt vulnerability helped loosen up my torso or if it had something to do with the water which I guzzled.